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Welcome to Natural Image Property Services, a premier landscaping and lawn care provider in Pataskala, Ohio, where we excel in creating exceptional outdoor environments. Our services include landscape design, hardscaping, paver patios, retaining walls, outdoor firepits, kitchens, lawn care, and maintenance, including fertilization and weed control. In the upscale neighborhoods of Pataskala, we blend creativity and precision to transform your outdoor space into a personal and private luxury retreat.

Our commitment to enhancing your lifestyle with professional landscaping is evident in every project. From the design to the execution, we focus on quality and attention to detail, ensuring your Pataskala outdoor space is not only visually stunning but also thrives with each passing season.

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  • Fully licensed and insured services.
  • Renowned for skilled, timely, and friendly service.
  • Expert insights and unmatched creativity.
  • A dedicated and highly skilled team.
  • High-quality, industry-leading materials.
  • Fair pricing and efficient delivery.
  • Local, community-focused business approach.

For a full solution to your landscaping and lawn care needs in Pataskala, contact Natural Image Property Services. Call us at 740-403-8063 for a free estimate on your project.

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Landscapes Improve Lifestyles In Pataskala

We want to transform your lawn and landscape into a space you can enjoy every single day

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At Natural Image Property Services, we tailor our landscaping services to elevate the lifestyles of Pataskala's upscale neighborhoods. Whether your property is an older estate needing a landscape revamp or a new construction project awaiting its first garden, we understand the importance of outdoor spaces for socializing and relaxation. Our focus is not only on creating visually stunning environments but also on enriching the outdoor experiences of our clients. From designing and building new patios and surrounding landscape beds to installing outdoor kitchens, or a new sod lawn, we design spaces for family and friend gatherings, laughter, and memory-making.

We approach each project with a keen eye for your personal style and outdoor space aspirations. Whether it's a sophisticated outdoor dining area, a colorful and serene garden, or a cozy firepit for summer nights, we integrate each aspect to enhance your daily life. In Pataskala, where luxury and comfort are paramount, our landscapes are more than visual upgrades; they are functional, inviting spaces that reflect your personality and extend your home's comfort. Let us transform your property into an enjoyable, luxurious outdoor retreat.

With Natural Image Property Services, you're not just investing in your property; you're investing in a lifestyle that brings joy, relaxation, and satisfaction. Let us help you turn your property into a haven where every moment is a celebration of the enhanced lifestyle that comes with a thoughtfully designed landscape.

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Landscape & Outdoor Living Design In Pataskala

We can design the perfect outdoor living space for your lifestyle that you and your family can enjoy year-round

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Designing & Building Life-Changing Outdoor Living Spaces For Pataskala Homeowners

At Natural Image Property Services, we view landscaping as an integral part of your home and lifestyle. Our landscaping design services in Pataskala, including neighborhoods like Beechwood Trails and Jersey, focus on creating personalized outdoor settings that enhance your home's beauty and your enjoyment. We aim to design and build inviting spaces where families and friends can gather and make lasting memories.

Our design process is client-centered, starting with a detailed consultation to capture your vision for the space. Whether it’s a tranquil garden for relaxation, an expansive poolside patio for social events, or a fun, secure area for kids and pets, our skilled landscape designers can turn any concept into reality. We use a blend of vibrant flora, elegant water features, and custom hardscaping to create a unified and welcoming atmosphere.

Our goal at Natural Image Property Services is to convert your outdoor area into a breathtaking retreat in Pataskala, a space that is a perfect blend of comfort, beauty, and elegance. To start transforming your outdoor space, call us at (740) 403-8063.

Hardscaping & Outdoor Living In Pataskala

We specialize in the design and construction of beautiful outdoor living areas and private backyard retreats

Our Pataskala Hardscaping Services

We specialize in the design and construction of beautiful outdoor living areas and private backyard retreats


Paver Patios

Custom-designed backyard paver patios that blend functionality, aesthetic appeal, and low-maintenance.  The perfect outdoor living spaces for entertaining or relaxing in your own backyard.


Outdoor Kitchens

We specialize in designing and building fully equipped outdoor kitchens, designed to meet your culinary needs while enhancing the ambiance and entertainment potential of your outdoor living area.


Pool Area Landscaping

We offer expert landscaping solutions for pool areas, including paver surrounds, decorative elements, cabanas, pavilions, and more, all designed to create a luxurious and inviting poolside environment


Backyard Pavilions

We install elegant pavilions and outdoor structures by Berlin Gardens a local Ohio provider, designed to provide shade and comfort, creating a focal point in your backyard for gatherings and relaxation.


Outdoor Firepits

We design and install custom-built outdoor gas or wood burning firepits and fireplaces that serve as cozy gathering spots for friends and family, adding un-matched warmth and charm to your outdoor living space.


Paver Driveways

We build durable and visually appealing low-maintenance paver driveways using Unilock or Oberfelds pavers that elegantly enhance your property's curb appeal and complement your home's exterior.


Retaining Walls

We build new sturdy and aesthetically pleasing retaining walls constructed from blocks or boulders, perfect for managing sloped areas and adding a distinct touch to your landscape.  We also rebuild failed or collapsed retaining walls.


Walkways & Pathways

We install beautifully designed pathways and walkways using pavers, providing an inviting and functional approach to your home, whether it's a front entry, garden path, or a pathway around your landscape features.

Our Lawn Care Services

We offer comprehensive lawn care services in Pataskala, Ohio.

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If You Want The Best Looking Lawn In Your Pataskala Neighborhood, Trust Natural Image

In the neighborhoods of Pataskala, Ohio, where well-kept lawns and elegant looking landscapes signify a high-quality lifestyle, Natural Image Property Services delivers specialized lawn care tailored to upscale residential and commercial properties throughout the area.

Our services cater to those who appreciate the beauty of their outdoor spaces but lack the time or expertise for the necessary and laborious upkeep. Our expertise lies in creating and maintaining a lush, healthy lawn and garden areas, a necessity for busy homeowners and property managers.

Our comprehensive lawn care package includes everything from weekly lawn mowing to seasonal fertilization and weed control, ensuring your lawn stays in peak condition all year round. In Pataskala's varied climate, these services are important for preparing your lawn for each season's growth. Additionally, we offer lawn aeration and overseeding to boost turf density, creating a robust, aesthetically pleasing lawn. For complete ease, our seasonal yard cleanups in the spring and fall keep your property pristine and ready for the season.

Choose Natural Image Property Services for unparalleled lawn care services in Pataskala, ensuring your property remains a symbol of sophistication. Let our team handle your lawn care, freeing you to enjoy the lifestyle you enjoy. For more information or to schedule our services, call us at (740) 403-8063.

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Our Pataskala Ohio Service Area

We offer our lawn care, landscaping and outdoor living design & construction services throughout Pataskala, Ohio.

  • Beechwood Trails
  • Beechwood Trails East
  • Columbia Center / Fursville
  • Jersey
  • Pataskala South
  • Pataskala West
  • Summit Station
  • City Center

Pataskala Ohio

Pataskala Ohio lawn Care Company

Pataskala, Ohio, a growing community located 25 minutes from downtown Columbus and Newark, combines the charm of rural living with the convenience of urban access. This area, primarily a farming community until the late 1990s, has preserved its unique rural ambiance while evolving into a thriving city. Pataskala was originally settled in the early 1800s and incorporated in 1891. A significant development occurred in 1994 when Lima Township and the Village of Pataskala merged, leading to its status as an Ohio city in 1997. The city spans 39 square miles in the southwestern corner of Licking County, with easy access to major highways like I-70 and I-270 at State Routes 16 and 310​​.

For those interested in outdoor activities, Pataskala offers an array of options. The city is home to several parks, including the Thomas J. Evans Foundation Park, which features walking trails, fishing spots, playgrounds, and a splash pad. The park's walking trails are popular among residents for their scenic views. Another notable park is Municipal Park, which provides amenities like a swimming pool, soccer field, baseball diamond, basketball court, and more. This park is known for its family-friendly atmosphere and various activities. Additionally, Pataskala's Municipal Pool, open during summer, offers swimming lessons and is available for private parties. For sports enthusiasts, the city hosts youth and adult soccer, softball, basketball, and volleyball programs. The parks in Pataskala not only cater to sports but also provide spaces for relaxation and enjoyment of nature​​​​.

Cultural and historical attractions in Pataskala include Lynd's Fruit Farm, where visitors can pick apples and pumpkins seasonally, and The Mead-Needham Museum, which showcases the area's rich history. These spots provide a glimpse into the local culture and history, making them great for families and individuals alike. Pataskala's real estate market reflects its diverse community, offering a range of housing options suitable for various preferences and needs. Its schools, part of the Southwest Licking School District and Licking Heights School District, serve students from the city and surrounding areas​​​​.

As of the 2010 census, Pataskala had a population of 14,962, indicating a diverse and growing community. The city offers a blend of small-town living and urban amenities, making it an attractive destination for those seeking a balance between rural charm and modern convenience​​.

In summary, Pataskala, Ohio, is a vibrant community with rich historical roots, numerous recreational opportunities, and a strong sense of community, ideal for those looking to move to or already residing in the area.