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Weekly lawn mowing for large residential and commercial properties

Professional Lawn Mowing
For That Nice Clean Manicured Lawn

Your lawn is one of the first things someone sees when they look at your property, for this reason, many home and property owners want their lawn areas to look fantastic.  For many homeowners or commercial property owners with large lawn areas the time and equipment required to mow and maintain it is just something they don’t have.  If you want a fantastic looking lawn it needs to be cut regularly and with proper professional equipment too.  Professional grade lawn mowers are able to cut your grass faster and they do a much cleaner job, giving you that nicely manicured appearance.

Why Do You Need Professional Lawn Mowing Services?

  • Do you not have the time to mow your lawn regularly?
  • Are you not happy with your current mowing provider?
  • Do you manage a HOA, condo, or townhome with large grassy areas?
  • Do you just want that professionally cut look for your property?

Natural Image Property Services is a landscaping contractor serving Newark and Licking and Franklin Counties in Ohio. We specialize in mowing lawns of all shapes and sizes that receive a lot of public exposure for residential and commercial customers.  We offer a weekly mowing program, utilizing professional equipment that is highly maintained, giving you the perfect cut every time.

Our Lawn Mowing Service Includes

  • A high quality mow using professional equipment
  • Trimming around your lawn and garden edges
  • Blowing out garden beds of any grass clippings
  • Blowing off hard surfaces (driveway/walkway/patio) of any grass clippings.
  • Edging of gardens and walkways (as needed)

Do I Need Weekly Or Bi-Weekly Mowing Services?

This is a question we’re asked often.  Many customers think if they go to a bi-weekly schedule they will save themselves money.  This isn’t always the case.  In the summer, when it’s hot and your lawn isn’t growing as vigorous then you can often get away with bi-weekly mowing.  In the spring or anytime there has been great growing conditions (rain every few days) then your lawn will be growing much quicker.  If a lawn is experiencing good growth and we’re only cutting it bi-weekly, the lawn takes more time to mow.  We must go slower for a quality cut, we need to make more trips to dump the clippings, and it’s harder on our equipment.  A weekly mowing schedule (weather dependent) is usually the best solution.

Commercial Lawn Mowing Services

If you have a high visibility commercial property it’s probably important to you that it always looks great.  Using industry leading commercial mowers we are able to mow commercial lawns of all shapes and sizes.  We offer reliable, regular services for our commercial clients so you won’t have to wonder or worry about when your next lawn care visit will be.

What Do Our Lawn Mowing Services Cost?

We’re a professional, licensed, and insured lawn care provider.  We are not the guy with a pickup and a mower who can cut your lawn for $20.  While we’re not going to offer the cheapest mowing prices in the neighborhood we’re always going to offer the most value and the most fantastic results.  The pricing for each lawn can vary depending on the size of the property, how easy it is to access, and how long the grass is.  Our modern and professional grade equipment will give you a great professional cut that will make your lawn one of the best looking on your street.

If you’d like to schedule our lawn mowing services then please give us a call (740) 403-8063 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you right away.

Preparing For Our Lawn Mowing Visit

We want to provide the same fast, efficient, and quality mowing experience for every customer and in order to make sure things go smoothly, we do ask for a little bit of cooperation.

How To Prepare Your Lawn For Mowing

To ensure that we provide you with the most efficient and high-quality lawn mowing service, we kindly ask our clients to prepare their lawns before our visit. A little preparation on your part can significantly streamline the mowing process and help us maintain our commitment to offering timely, effective service at fair prices. Here's what you can do to get your lawn ready for mowing:

#1.  Keep Pets Inside: For the safety of your pets and our crew, please keep all pets indoors during our visit. This not only protects your furry friends but also helps us to work without distractions or interruptions.

#2.  Remove Lawn Obstructions: Please take a moment to walk through your yard and remove any toys, lawn furniture, or other items that could obstruct the mowing process. Clearing the lawn allows us to mow more thoroughly and efficiently.

#3.  Clean Up After Your Pets: We know that pets are part of your family, but for the cleanliness and health of our team, we ask that you clean up any pet waste from the lawn prior to our arrival.

#4.  Ensure Gates Are Accessible: If we need to access your backyard or any fenced area, please ensure that gates are unlocked or open and are not obstructed. This facilitates easy access and helps us to stay on schedule.

#5.  Turn Off Irrigation Systems: It's challenging to mow wet grass, so we request that you turn off any irrigation systems well before our visit. A dry lawn ensures a cleaner cut and reduces the risk of damage to your lawn or wear and tear on our equipment.

Your Cooperation Makes a HUGE Difference

By addressing these items on the day of your mowing service, you help us keep our pricing fair and our schedule on track. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and is key to allowing us to provide the best service possible. Together, we can keep your lawn looking its best all season long.

Stephanie December 31, 2023

We have used Natural Image Property Services on more than one occasion, and we have been thrilled with the results. They do fantastic work for fair prices. They are also responsive and easy to communicate with, and also understanding when plans might need to change. We will use them for all of our landscaping needs!

Krista Dalton
Krista Dalton November 9, 2023

Natural Image installed a paver front walk and two porches for us. The crew was professional, courteous and prompt in addressing any questions we had. Anthony came to our home several times before the project started to answer our design questions. We are very happy with our new front walk and porches. Feel confident in recommending them to our friends and family.

Crystal M
Crystal M October 30, 2023

We hired Natural Image for various hard scaping projects including the design and creation of a beautiful waterfall. The team went above our expectations with the final product. We found them extremely professional in all aspects from planning to completion. They listened to our ideas and incorporated them into the final product. All workers were courteous and respectful of our property and our time. We would highly recommend this company.

Kim Gowdy
Kim Gowdy September 25, 2023

We could not be happier with the outcome of the landscape project from Natural Image. The craftsmanship and professionalism of the team was top notch. They kept the space clean throughout the work and never left me questioning the final product. As with all projects, there were different visions on what the product would look like at the beginning, but the team asked the right questions and pivoted to give us more than what we could have asked for. I highly recommend them for any hard scape projects.

Devon Rehs
Devon Rehs September 25, 2023

Natural Image replaced our patio and also added a new pavilion with a fireplace. They were extremely helpful with the design layout and giving us direction on the process. They were always very responsive and professional. We absolutely love our new outdoor space.

Jennifer Piper
Jennifer Piper July 6, 2023

The team at Natural Image is professional, knowledgeable, and the work they did was beautiful!

Marie Cottrell
Marie Cottrell March 29, 2023

We hired Natural Image Property Services to replace a failing retaining wall with Versa-Lok block. We would highly recommend this company. From the ease of scheduling our consultation online, to the actual consultation and subsequent conversations, all was very professional. The two guys who did the work (Taylor and K.C.) were very hard working, very diligent and meticulous—probably not too easy when building a 10’ wall, and having to fit it around a large culvert pipe. Even on 20 degree days they showed up, worked hard and did a fantastic job. All work was done within the original service description, and completed in the time frame specified. Needless to say, we are very pleased.

Judy Kosciuszko
Judy Kosciuszko November 18, 2022

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Frequently Asked Lawn Mowing Questions

We pride ourselves on using the right equipment for each specific lawn. Depending on the size and layout of your lawn, we select appropriately sized mowers to ensure efficient and effective cutting without causing any damage to your property.  Our equipment is regularly maintained for optimal performance.

We monitor the weather closely. In case of rain, we reschedule your service to the next available day with favorable weather conditions. This approach ensures that we mow under the best conditions to protect the health of your lawn and the safety of our crew.

Yes, our comprehensive lawn care includes precise edge trimming to give your lawn a polished look, and we always finish by blowing off clippings from driveways, walkways, and other hard surfaces for a clean and tidy appearance.

The frequency of mowing depends on the grass type, season, and your lawn's specific needs. Generally, we recommend weekly mowing to keep your lawn healthy and looking its best.

Absolutely! We understand that different grass types and personal preferences may require specific mowing heights. Just let us know your preference, and we’ll adjust our equipment accordingly.

For commercial properties, we use high-capacity mowers and tailor our services to handle larger areas efficiently while maintaining the same high standards of care and attention as we do for residential lawns.

Indeed, we provide a full range of lawn care services including fertilization, weed control, aeration, and more. We can create a customized lawn care plan to suit all your landscaping needs.