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Welcome to the premier landscaping service for Blacklick, Ohio - Natural Image Property Services. Our team excels in transforming your outdoor areas into stunning landscapes that echo Blacklick's unique charm and character. Our expertise in landscape design sets us apart as we build beautiful outdoor living spaces, luxurious hardscapes, and sustainable, low-maintenance gardens that are customized to your vision.

In Blacklick, where natural beauty blends seamlessly with modern living, our skilled team combines artistic flair with meticulous execution for each project. Whether you're aiming for a lush, well-maintained lawn or an exquisite private outdoor retreat, we're committed to turning your landscaping aspirations into a beautiful reality.

We recognize that your home is an extension of your lifestyle. Our mission is to elevate this with our top-tier landscaping services. From the initial design to the finishing touches, our dedication to excellence and detailed approach ensures your outdoor space in Blacklick is not only visually stunning but also enduring through the seasons.

Join the roster of delighted homeowners in Blacklick who trust Natural Image Property Services for their landscaping needs. Experience the distinction of collaborating with experts in landscape design and lawn care

who are dedicated to bringing your outdoor visions to life.

Why Choose Natural Image Property Service in Blacklick?

Choosing Natural Image Property Service means partnering with a team that values strong, meaningful relationships with every client. By working with us, you are selecting a company that:

  • Holds full licensing and insurance for peace of mind.
  • Has a reputation for friendly, skilled, and prompt services.
  • Offers expert insights and unparalleled creativity in landscape design.
  • Employs a team of highly skilled professionals committed to excellence.
  • Utilizes top-quality, industry-leading materials.
  • Provides competitive pricing and efficient project completion.
  • Is a proud locally-owned small business, deeply connected to the Blacklick community.

Connect with Natural Image Property Services today for a comprehensive solution to all your landscaping and lawn care needs.

Enhance your curb appeal or create your own private backyard luxury retreat with our help. Call (740) 403-8063 now to schedule a consultation on your lawn and/or landscaping project and take the first step towards transforming your Blacklick home into a personal paradise.

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Landscapes Improve Lifestyles In Blacklick

We want to transform your lawn and landscape into a space you can enjoy every single day

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At Natural Image Property Services, our vision extends far beyond simply beautifying properties in Blacklick, Ohio. We're in the business of elevating lifestyles. Our expertise in landscape design and installation is about designing and building environments that enrich your daily experiences. Imagine a space where every detail, from the lush garden beds to the serene outdoor seating areas, plays a part in hosting your life’s most memorable moments - be it lively family gatherings or peaceful, solitary retreats in your own personal and private retreat.

We're dedicated to transforming not just your yard, but your entire way of living. Each new patio, blooming seasonal garden, or outdoor kitchen we install in Blacklick is a backdrop for joy, laughter, and unforgettable memories. Our creations are more than landscapes; they're the settings where life's magic unfolds.

Our design philosophy centers on your unique taste, needs, and how you dream of utilizing your outdoor space. We see each project as a chance to build something exceptional - a place that mirrors your lifestyle. Whether you desire a sophisticated area for hosting, a colorful and tranquil garden to escape to, or a cozy firepit for those cool Blacklick evenings, we integrate each element with care to enrich your everyday life.

We believe your outdoor space should be a true extension of your home, reflecting your personality and offering the same level of comfort and charm. It's not just about looking good; it's about creating spaces that beckon you outdoors to enjoy nature's beauty right in your backyard.

In Blacklick, where expectations for luxury and comfort are high, our goal is to exceed them with every project. Our landscapes do more than please the eye; they elevate your lifestyle. A meticulously planned garden becomes a peaceful escape, an outdoor kitchen revolutionizes your entertaining style, and a beautifully built patio can become the heart of your home.

With Natural Image Property Services, you invest not just in your property, but in a lifestyle rich with joy, relaxation, and contentment.

Contact us today to transform your Blacklick property into a sanctuary of enhanced living. Fill out our contact form or call us at (740) 403-8063 for a consultation, and start your journey towards a lifestyle that celebrates the beauty of thoughtfully designed landscapes.

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Landscape & Outdoor Living Design In Blacklick

We can design the perfect outdoor living space for your lifestyle that you and your family can enjoy year-round

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Designing Inspiring Outdoor Living Spaces For Blacklick Homeowners

Experience the essence of outdoor luxury in Blacklick, Ohio, with Natural Image Property Services. Our exquisitely designed paver patios provide the perfect foundation for your outdoor haven. Imagine hosting delightful gatherings or enjoying quiet mornings in a space that seamlessly blends comfort with elegance. Our patios are more than just an extension of your home; they are a canvas where memories are painted, and tranquility meets sophistication.

Transform your backyard into an epicenter of entertainment and relaxation with our custom-designed outdoor cooking areas and landscaped pool environments. In Blacklick's serene atmosphere, our outdoor kitchens offer a unique blend of functionality and style, ideal for those who love to entertain and indulge in culinary delights under the sky. Complement this with a landscaped pool area, thoughtfully designed to be your personal retreat for lounging and rejuvenation. It's not just a landscape; it's a lifestyle enhancement that invites you to embrace every moment of leisure and pleasure.

As the sun sets in Blacklick, the warmth of our outdoor firepits creates an enchanting ambiance for those cool summer nights. Gather around the fire with friends and family, sharing stories or simply basking in the peaceful night air. For properties graced with slopes, our expertly constructed block or boulder retaining walls are not just functional; they enhance the beauty of your outdoor space while creating usable terraces and gardens. Every element we implement at Natural Image Property Services is a step towards turning your Blacklick home into an oasis of upscale outdoor living.

Our commitment is to transform your outdoor space into a stunning oasis in Blacklick, where every moment spent is a testament to comfort, beauty, and timeless elegance.

Hardscaping & Outdoor Living In Blacklick

We specialize in the design and construction of beautiful outdoor living areas and private backyard retreats

Our Blacklick Hardscaping Services

We specialize in the design and construction of beautiful outdoor living areas and private backyard retreats


Paver Patios

Custom-designed backyard paver patios that blend functionality, aesthetic appeal, and low-maintenance.  The perfect outdoor living spaces for entertaining or relaxing in your own backyard.


Outdoor Kitchens

We specialize in designing and building fully equipped outdoor kitchens, designed to meet your culinary needs while enhancing the ambiance and entertainment potential of your outdoor living area.


Pool Area Landscaping

We offer expert landscaping solutions for pool areas, including paver surrounds, decorative elements, cabanas, pavilions, and more, all designed to create a luxurious and inviting poolside environment


Backyard Pavilions

We install elegant pavilions and outdoor structures by Berlin Gardens a local Ohio provider, designed to provide shade and comfort, creating a focal point in your backyard for gatherings and relaxation.


Outdoor Firepits

We design and install custom-built outdoor gas or wood burning firepits and fireplaces that serve as cozy gathering spots for friends and family, adding un-matched warmth and charm to your outdoor living space.


Paver Driveways

We build durable and visually appealing low-maintenance paver driveways using Unilock or Oberfelds pavers that elegantly enhance your property's curb appeal and complement your home's exterior.


Retaining Walls

We build new sturdy and aesthetically pleasing retaining walls constructed from blocks or boulders, perfect for managing sloped areas and adding a distinct touch to your landscape.  We also rebuild failed or collapsed retaining walls.


Walkways & Pathways

We install beautifully designed pathways and walkways using pavers, providing an inviting and functional approach to your home, whether it's a front entry, garden path, or a pathway around your landscape features.

Our Lawn Care Services

A beautiful lawn for your Blacklick property is only a phone call away

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Blacklick Ohio's Most Trusted Lawn Care & Landscape Maintenance Professionals

In Blacklick, Ohio, our comprehensive lawn care services are tailored to meet the needs of both residential and commercial properties of all sizes. We offer weekly mowing, trimming of all edges, and removal of clippings from hard surfaces, ensuring a clean and well-maintained appearance. Seasonal fertilization and weed control are integral parts of our service, important for keeping your lawn lush, green, and healthy.

The health of your lawn depends significantly on proper nutrients, aeration, and overseeding. These processes help to establish a robust and dense turf, which naturally suppresses weeds and promotes overall lawn health. A strong, well-nourished lawn is less prone to disease and infestation, reducing the need for more aggressive chemical treatments.

Our team uses professional-grade equipment, designed for speed and efficiency, providing the perfect cut every visit. We use equipment appropriately sized for each property, allowing us to maneuver through tight spaces like narrow gates and breezeways, making sure every part of the property, regardless of size, receives thorough care.

With our team taking care of your lawn, you can enjoy a beautiful outdoor space without the burden of maintenance, giving you more time to enjoy the lifestyle you love.

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Our Blacklick Ohio Service Area

We offer our landscaping, lawn care, and outdoor living construction services throughout New Albany

Blacklick Ohio

Blacklick Ohio Landscaping And Lawn Care Services

Blacklick, Ohio, nestled just east of Columbus, offers a blend of serene suburban living with convenient access to urban amenities. The area boasts several notable neighborhoods like Creekside, Kingswood Farm, and Hannah Farms, each providing unique living experiences. Creekside is known for its scenic setting and affordable homes, perfect for first-time buyers. Kingswood Farm, set amidst lush woods, offers larger, luxurious homes. Hannah Farms stands out for its custom-designed homes on spacious lots, providing a more exclusive living experience.

Local attractions in Blacklick include a variety of parks and recreational facilities,

Blacklick, Ohio, is a charming suburb nestled just east of Columbus, offering a perfect blend of tranquility and accessibility to urban amenities. This community is known for its beautiful neighborhoods, each with distinct characteristics. Notable among them are Creekside, appreciated for its scenic beauty and affordability, ideal for first-time homeowners; Kingswood Farm, which offers larger, luxurious homes set amidst rolling hills and lush woods; and Hannah Farms, distinguished by its custom-designed homes on spacious lots, offering an exclusive living experience.

Local attractions and events add to Blacklick's appeal. The area boasts several parks and recreational facilities, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. These parks often host various community events, bringing residents together and fostering a strong community spirit. Additionally, the proximity to Columbus means residents have easy access to the city's rich cultural and entertainment offerings.

For those seeking an active lifestyle, Blacklick provides numerous walking trails and outdoor activities. These trails are not only great for fitness enthusiasts but also offer a peaceful escape into nature. The blend of comfortable living spaces, community-oriented lifestyle, and natural beauty makes Blacklick an ideal place for families and individuals alike, looking for a suburban retreat with easy city access.