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Mulch installation can provide several benefits for your garden beds such as giving it a nice uniform appearance, it can also help to reduce the amount of weeds, it can help retain moisture, and it helps insulate and protect your plants root systems during cold weather.  Adding mulch to your garden beds is a key part of maintaining a healthy looking landscape.

There are several different types of mulch available at local landscape supply yards that we can use on your property for different aesthetic and functional properties.  Typically we use hardwood bark mulch in a variety of grades including bark nuggets, shredded mulch, and bark fines.  It's available in different colors as well, including black, brown, or red.

Natural Image Property Services is a landscaping contractor serving Newark and Licking and Franklin Counties in Ohio. We offer mulch installation with several different types of bark mulch for garden beds and landscape beds of all sizes.  We can deliver and spread mulch throughout your garden beds, flower beds and landscape features for both residential and commercial clients.

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What Are The Benefits Of Installing Bark Mulch In Your Garden Or Landscape Beds?

Here are three clear benefits of installing bark mulch in garden or landscape beds:

Moisture Retention: Bark mulch installation helps retain moisture in the soil, which can benefit the plants in your garden. According to a study by The Ohio State University, bark mulch can reduce soil moisture loss by up to 25%, which can help plants grow better and require less watering. This can be especially beneficial in areas with hot and dry climates or during periods of drought or when water restrictions might be in place.

Weed Suppression: Another benefit of bark mulch installation is that it can help suppress weed growth in your garden or landscape beds. When applied in a thick enough layer bark mulch can reduce weed growth by up to 90% for extended periods of time. This is because the mulch creates a physical barrier that prevents weed seeds from germinating and growing.

Soil Improvement: Bark mulch installation can also improve the quality of your soil over time. As the mulch breaks down, it adds organic matter to the soil, which can improve soil structure, and nutrient content.  These can both benefit plant growth and health in the long term.

Types Of Bark Mulch We Can Install

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Preparing Your Garden & Landscape Beds For Fresh Bark Mulch Installation

It's not really a good idea to just start spreading out mulch without some preparation to the garden and landscape beds.

For a proper, professional level installation you'll want to properly prepare the areas where the mulch will be installed.  This can include removing any weeds in the beds, removal of any brush, undergrowth, or organic debris in the beds.

Landscape cloth can be laid down if necessary but with proper preparation it is seldom needed.  Shrubs and bushes and any surrounding tree cover should be pruned and trimmed back.  This will prevent organic debris from falling into your newly spread mulch.

We are happy to add garden and landscape bed preparation and clean up services into your estimate.  It makes an amazing difference in how good the mulch will look after installation.

Edging Your Garden Beds Before Mulch Installation

Edging service is offered for all mulch installation jobs, and while this service is optional it is highly recommended.  Edging a garden bed is done using a special machine or in many cases we just do it by hand.

Edging the garden beds will create a more established edge to separate your mulched beds from other landscaped areas and provides a distinct line of separation between your landscaping features.  This also helps keep the mulch in the bed and not strewn about your lawn or hardscaping.  A defined edge can also keep the grass from growing into the garden beds as well.

Lastly, edging the beds will give your garden beds a nice, clean, and uniform look.

How Much Does Mulch Installation Cost?

Please Note:  We have a minimum charge of $500 for bark mulch installation projects.  This includes the mulch, delivery, and installation.  For exact pricing please request an estimate.

Smaller Properties

Starting At $500

This would be for a smaller property with a few garden beds that require mulch installation.

Medium Properties

$500 - $1000+

This would be for a medium sized property with several garden beds in the front and backyard.

Large Properties

$1000 - $5000+

This would be for a large property like an estate or HOA with several large garden beds surrounding the property.

Mulch Installation Estimates Include

Please Note:  We have a minimum charge of $500 for bark mulch installation projects.

  • Initial clean up of garden beds and removal of debris. (we recommend trimming shrubs and bushes at this time)
  • Delivery and installation of high quality bark mulch (approx 2" to 3" deep).
  • We use our mulch mule to cleanly and quickly fill our wheel barrows without having to dump a huge pile of mulch in your driveway like other companies.

Using our mulch mule trailer we can deliver between 10 to 15 yards of bark mulch to your location for installation.

A depth of 2 to 4 inches of bark mulch is generally recommended for landscape beds, based on the recommendations of various horticulturists from leading universities.  Any less and it won't last very long, any more and it could prevent your plants from getting water and oxygen to their roots.

Bark mulch typically lasts for one to two years, depending on the climate, soil type, and other factors. It is generally recommended to replace the mulch every one to two years or as needed.

It is not necessary to remove old bark mulch before adding new mulch. However, it is recommended to rake or agitate the old mulch to loosen it up and mix it with the soil to promote it's decomposition.

Bark mulch is generally safe for pets and children, but it is recommended to keep them away from the mulched area until it is settled and dry. Some types of bark mulch may contain chemicals or dyes, so we often recommend the use of natural, untreated mulch if this is a concern.

Bark mulch can that is applied properly in a layer 2 to 4 inches thick can provide a really good barrier against weeds.  It can stop seeds from germinating by blocking their sunshine and access to water.  However, bark mulch will not prevent 100% of weeds from coming through and will eventually need to be replaced.

Bark mulch is best installed during the early spring where it has a chance to do the most good for your landscape beds by preventing weed growth early in the season.

We do not offer "delivery only" services on mulch.  We are a landscaping company and not a product supplier.  If you require mulch delivered for you to install on your own, we suggest contacting your nearest landscape supply company.

If you'd like to schedule an estimate to deliver and install mulch in your garden beds we'd be happy to meet with you.  Please call (740 403-8063 or fill out our online form and we'll get right back to you.


Excellent work! Garret's team does a great job mowing and did an amazing job mulching our flower beds! Quick service, friendly and very knowledgeable crew, and fantastic work!

Chris Treff
Chris Treff March 23, 2022

Natural Image recently weeded, edged, and mulched all of our flower beds. They did an excellent job and I am very pleased with the finished job. In addition, they mow and trim our yard each week. I would highly recommend their services.

Nancy Flinn
Nancy Flinn May 12, 2021

We were pleased with the weeding, trimming and mulching around home. The workers were easy to talk to and worked as a team. Hope to have then back for extra needed work in the fall around our pond. Garrett is a professional and listens well to help keep our property maintained.

Diana Kay Kenyon
Diana Kay Kenyon September 14, 2020

I cannot speak highly enough about the work the Natural Image Lawn Care team performed. We purchased a home that had not done a fall 2019 or spring 2020 clean up, and the weeds were taller than my husband! There is quite a large amount of landscaping around our home, and every bed was full of weeds, the shrubs were overgrown, the edging was non-existent, and the mulch required replacement. Suffice to say it was a LARGE job! I showed Garrett a photo of what the house used to look like (from the listing when we purchased it, which was clearly taken at least two years prior!), and he said he could get it back to that state. I wasn't sure how he would turn the jungle that was our yard into a work of art, but 4 days later, it is indeed a masterpiece. The team could not have been more personable, professional, or polite. They worked through oppressive heat, rain, and humidity, and did so with what appeared to be terrific positive attitudes and a clear desire to exceed expectations. Taylor, who pruned a million shrubs around the house, was an artist, spending time and attention getting everything "just right," and his efforts are so appreciated. I can't compare their services to anyone else as I haven't used anyone else in the Granville area, and I never will. Natural Image will be my 'go-to' for all of our landscaping needs. Please pass on my thanks to the entire team, and I look forward to being a customer for years to come.

S N September 4, 2020

Garrett and his crew showed up when they promised and did a fantastic job. I had edging and mulch done and the guys worked very hard for 2+ days in this 90+ degree heat wave! I will be calling them again for future jobs and highly recommend Natural Image Lawn Care.

Tina Lavender
Tina Lavender July 7, 2020

I am very pleased with the work done by Natural Image, Just moving into anew home that was very over grown they are doing my weekly mowing and cleaning out all the overgrowth and mulching. I was given a quote and could decide how much l wanted done. They did an excellent job cleaning up and l would highly recommend this company.

Edith Bowman
Edith Bowman June 20, 2020

I am a new homeowner and was in need of a spring cleanup and mulching. The cleanup I needed consisted of de-weeding mulch-beds, getting rid of shrubs, dead trees and an old compost pile. I also needed edging, trimming and mulching. When Natural Image came out to look at the property, they were very efficient and professional, and offered some great recommendations for what they could include in the cleanup. When they came out for service, they were very professional and did an amazing job. What I appreciated most was their responsiveness and all-in-one model that provided options for landscaping and treatment for my lawn care. My yard now looks amazing and I highly recommend Natural Image for your lawn care/ landscaping / treatment needs.

Jeffrey Stevenson
Jeffrey Stevenson May 18, 2020

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Please Note:  We have a minimum charge of $500 for bark mulch installation projects.  This includes the mulch, delivery, and installation.  For exact pricing please request an estimate.

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