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Lime Applications Restore Lawn Health

A healthy looking lawn requires more than just water and sunlight, there is a science behind it.  One of the most important factors for a great looking lawn is the condition of the soil where the lawn is growing.  More specifically, the pH of the soil.  If your pH is too high or too low it can prevent your grass from taking up all of the nutrients it requires to grow.  The application of lime (calcium carbonate) can help to regulate the pH of your soil so that it can be a healthy environment for your grass to grow.

Natural Image Property Services is a lawn care and landscaping contractor serving Newark and Licking and Franklin Counties in Ohio.  We specialize in the application of lime to lawns of all sizes for both residential and commercial properties.  We can test the pH of your soil to determine if an application of lime is needed to improve the look of your lawn.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation with us to discuss the application of lime for your lawn we’d be happy to meet with you.  Please call (740) 403-8063 or fill out our online form and we’ll get right back to you.

Which Lawns Benefit From Lime Application?

Lime applications aren't necessary for every lawn, but under certain circumstances it can definitely make a difference in your lawns health

Acidic Soil Lawns: If your soil test shows a low pH (below 6.0), indicating acidic soil, your lawn is a prime candidate for lime treatment. Lime helps raise the soil pH, making it more alkaline and conducive for healthy grass growth.

Older, Established Lawns: Over time, soil becomes more acidic due to factors like rainfall and the decomposition of organic matter. Older lawns often need lime to restore the pH balance and ensure the soil remains fertile.

Lawns with Moss Growth: The presence of moss can be an indicator of acidic soil. Lawns struggling with moss infestation can benefit greatly from lime applications to create an environment less favorable for moss and more suitable for grass.

Lawns in High Rainfall Areas: Areas with heavy rainfall tend to have more acidic soils as rainwater leaches away calcium and magnesium – essential for maintaining soil pH. Lawns in these regions often require regular liming.

Gardens and Landscapes with Acid-Loving Plants: If you have a mixed landscape with both acid-loving plants and grass, targeted lime application in the lawn areas can help maintain the overall health and balance of your garden.

Newly Seeded or Renovated Lawns: Lime can benefit newly seeded lawns or those undergoing renovation by preparing the soil to support healthy new growth and ensuring young grass develops in a nutrient-rich environment.

Lawns with Weedy or Patchy Grass: Weeds often thrive in acidic soil where grass struggles. If your lawn is weedy or patchy, it may benefit from liming to create a more hospitable environment for grass and less so for weeds.

Properties with Clay Soil: Clay soils, which are naturally dense and slow-draining, often become acidic over time. Lime can help improve the soil structure and pH, making it more suitable for healthy lawn growth.

Commercial Properties with High Foot Traffic: Lawns in commercial areas or public spaces with high foot traffic can become compacted and acidic. Lime applications can aid in restoring the soil quality in these heavily used areas.

Lawns Under or Around Pine Trees: The area under and around pine trees can become particularly acidic due to pine needles' acidity. Lawns in these areas might need lime to counteract this effect and maintain a healthy pH level.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lime Application

Lime application involves adding lime (calcium carbonate) to the soil to increase its pH level, making it less acidic. This process is essential for lawns with acidic soil, as it helps to create a more favorable environment for grass to grow, improving nutrient availability and soil health.

The best way to determine if your lawn needs lime is through a soil test, which measures the soil's pH level. If the pH is below 6.0, it's usually a good indicator that your lawn could benefit from lime application.

Unnecessary lime application can raise the soil's pH too much, making it too alkaline. This can lead to nutrient imbalances and negatively affect lawn health. Therefore, it's important to base lime application on soil test results.

The frequency of lime application depends on the soil's initial pH and the type of soil. Generally, it's recommended every few years, but specific recommendations can be provided based on your lawn's soil test results.

Lime can be applied any time of year, but it's most effective when applied during the fall or spring. These seasons provide optimal conditions for lime to break down and adjust the soil pH before the growing season.

Yes, lime can enhance the effectiveness of fertilizers by optimizing the soil pH. When the pH is balanced, grass roots can better absorb the nutrients provided by fertilizers.

Changes in soil pH from lime application happen gradually. You may start seeing improvements in your lawn's health and appearance within a few months, but full benefits are often observed over the course of a growing season.

Lime is generally safe when applied correctly. However, it's advisable to keep pets and children off the lawn until the lime is watered in and absorbed, which usually takes a day or two.

While lime itself doesn’t directly control diseases and pests, by creating a healthier lawn, it can make your grass more resilient and less susceptible to these problems.

While DIY lime application is possible, it's important to apply the correct type and amount based on soil test results. Professional lawn care services can ensure accurate application and provide tailored advice for your lawn's specific needs.

Stephanie December 31, 2023

We have used Natural Image Property Services on more than one occasion, and we have been thrilled with the results. They do fantastic work for fair prices. They are also responsive and easy to communicate with, and also understanding when plans might need to change. We will use them for all of our landscaping needs!

Krista Dalton
Krista Dalton November 9, 2023

Natural Image installed a paver front walk and two porches for us. The crew was professional, courteous and prompt in addressing any questions we had. Anthony came to our home several times before the project started to answer our design questions. We are very happy with our new front walk and porches. Feel confident in recommending them to our friends and family.

Crystal M
Crystal M October 30, 2023

We hired Natural Image for various hard scaping projects including the design and creation of a beautiful waterfall. The team went above our expectations with the final product. We found them extremely professional in all aspects from planning to completion. They listened to our ideas and incorporated them into the final product. All workers were courteous and respectful of our property and our time. We would highly recommend this company.

Kim Gowdy
Kim Gowdy September 25, 2023

We could not be happier with the outcome of the landscape project from Natural Image. The craftsmanship and professionalism of the team was top notch. They kept the space clean throughout the work and never left me questioning the final product. As with all projects, there were different visions on what the product would look like at the beginning, but the team asked the right questions and pivoted to give us more than what we could have asked for. I highly recommend them for any hard scape projects.

Devon Rehs
Devon Rehs September 25, 2023

Natural Image replaced our patio and also added a new pavilion with a fireplace. They were extremely helpful with the design layout and giving us direction on the process. They were always very responsive and professional. We absolutely love our new outdoor space.

Jennifer Piper
Jennifer Piper July 6, 2023

The team at Natural Image is professional, knowledgeable, and the work they did was beautiful!

Marie Cottrell
Marie Cottrell March 29, 2023

We hired Natural Image Property Services to replace a failing retaining wall with Versa-Lok block. We would highly recommend this company. From the ease of scheduling our consultation online, to the actual consultation and subsequent conversations, all was very professional. The two guys who did the work (Taylor and K.C.) were very hard working, very diligent and meticulous—probably not too easy when building a 10’ wall, and having to fit it around a large culvert pipe. Even on 20 degree days they showed up, worked hard and did a fantastic job. All work was done within the original service description, and completed in the time frame specified. Needless to say, we are very pleased.

Judy Kosciuszko
Judy Kosciuszko November 18, 2022

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