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Paver Landscaping In New Albany Ohio
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If you're planning to have a patio built this year then you've come to the right place!  This page will answer the most common questions about paver patio building in our area of Ohio.  Whether you're looking to build an outdoor living area, a pool deck, or a relaxing backyard patio you'll find a ton of great information here.

What Type Of Brick Or Paver Project Did You Have In Mind?

  • Do you want to rebuild an existing paver patio that has sunk or has been damaged?
  • Are you looking to create a beautiful outdoor living space?
  • Do you like the look of natural stone and want to incorporate it into your landscape?
  • Do you want to install a brick or paver driveway?
  • Do you want to create some walkways or pathways?

Natural Image Property Solutions is a top-rated landscaping company serving clients throughout New Albany, Ohio.  We complete paver installations for homeowners in Ackerly Park, Alban Mews, Albany Park, Asbury Ridge, Ashton Grove, Brandon, Clivdon, Enclave, Fenway, The Farms, and more.  Our team specializes in the design and installation of paver patios, paver walkways, paver driveways, and beautiful outdoor living areas.

On this page we're going to explain everything you'll need to know about installing paver landscaping on your New Albany property.  What it costs to build a new paver patio, what factors contribute to the cost of your patio, add-ons and upgrades for your patio, and how to choose the best contractor to install your new pavers.

Lastly, if you're ready to build a new paver patio, walkway or driveway, on your property you can request one of our on-site patio consultations and we'll come out to your property and provide you with our expert advice on making your new patio a reality.  We'll even provide you with a 3D patio design so you can see exactly what your new patio will look before shovels ever touch the ground.

What Our Customers Say...

We take great pride in the work that we do!

How Much Does A Paver Patio Cost In New Albany?

A patio is a beautiful addition to your home and an amazing lifestyle upgrade.  We believe in being transparent with our pricing so that our potential clients know exactly what to expect when having your patio built by a team of professionals.

The Cost To Build A Small Patio

Small Patio


This would be for a (10' x 10' or 10' x 12') basic patio installation.  This would not include any additional extras.

The Cost To Build A Medium Patio

Medium Patio


A medium sized patio (12' x 16') that would include a basic installation and wouldn't include additional extras.

Large Patio Cost

Large Patio


This would be for a larger patio that could be square, rectangular or rounded.  It would include the basic patio installation and additional add-ons such as stairs or a fire pit.

What Does It Cost To Build An Outdoor Cooking Area?

Outdoor Living Area


This would be for a large outdoor living area with a possible kitchen, surrounding garden beds, retaining walls, fire pit, and other extras depending on size and scope.

Basic Paver Patio Installations Include

These items are standard with every patio that we install in New Albany, Ohio.  Our installations always meet or exceed the paving stone manufacturers recommendations.

3D Design Consultation
Materials Consultation
Excavation Of Patio Base
3/4" Crush Base Material
Base Stabilization
Bedding Course (Course Sand)
Proper Compaction
Drainage System
Paver Installation
Edge Restraint
Paver Compaction
Polymeric Sand Installation

Patio Upgrades Can Include

These items are extras and upgrades that can make your patio more functional
for your lifestyle or add more luxurious finishing details.

Surrounding Gardens
Inlay Patio Designs
Electrical Outlets
Gas Hookup For a BBQ
Stair Lighting
Pathway Lighting
Seat Walls
Gazebo Or Pergola
Outdoor Kitchen
Fire Pit
Retaining Walls
Water Features
Outdoor Speakers
Paver Sealing
Privacy Fencing

These prices are only ball park figures to give you a rough idea as to what you should expect for the cost to build a paver patio on your New Albany property.  Your particular patio project may vary depending on site accessibility, the specific materials chosen, and the overall scope of work.  If you need a firm price please request a consultation so we can view your potential project, listen to your ideas, and determine the actual scope of work required to complete your project.  After our on-site consultation we'll be able to provide you with a firm estimate to build your new patio the right way.

Paver Options For Your Patio

We only use the highest quality pavers, slabs, and permeable pavers from Unilok and Oberfields

Unilok Pavers

Unilock offers some of the highest quality pavers on the market.  There are several product lines available depending on your taste but the "Beacon Hill" line is one of the most popular and is readily available locally.  Available in flagstone textures and smooth textures and they come in bundles with random shapes to allow for unique installation patterns.

Unilock Beach Hill Flagstone

Unilock Beacon Hill Smooth

Oberfields Pavers

Rugged and textured, the Malibu system is a smaller three-piece system that's reminiscent of Mosaic tiles with various joint lines that create interesting patterns and visual interest.

3D Paver Patio Design

We provide clients with a 3D design of their new paver patio

Using specialized software we can provide you with a complete 3D rendering of your new patio.  We can show you different layouts, different material options, different add-ons, and we can provide you with a glimpse of exactly what your patio is going to look like before we ever break ground.

What Drives The Cost Of Your New Patio?

What's It Cost To Build A Patio?  Well, that's a difficult question to answer without knowing what you want.  Size, materials, complexity, extra add-ons, all contribute to the price of a new patio.  This will guide will hopefully explain the cost variables a little better.

Permits For Patio Building:  The first thing we to talk about with respect to the cost of your new patio is the permits.  In Ohio, the permitting process can be slightly different in each city and the costs also vary.  It could be as little as $85 or up to $300+.  The size of the patio, the additional add-ons such as gas or electrical hookups, property setbacks, and more all contribute to this cost.  At Natural Image Property Services we handle the entire permitting process for our clients from start to finish.

3D Paver Patio Design Services

3D Patio Design

We can't just "wing it" with your new patio.  We need to take measurements, and come up with a beautiful design.  At Natural Image we provide clients with a 3D patio design so you can see exactly what your new patio will look like before it's built.

Paver Patio Material Choices


The materials you choose contribute greatly to the cost of building your new patio.  There are many different options available, including size, shape, texture, color, and we also offer environmentally friendly permeable pavers too.

Excavation Of Patio Base

Base Excavation

We must excavate the area you'd like your patio installed down to a depth of at least 6 inches and sometimes even as much as 12 inches to allow for proper drainage and base materials.

Drainage Systems For Your Patio


Footings support the entire deck structure.  Large decks require more footings if they are holding more weight, like a hot tub.  We prefer to use helical piles wherever possible as they are a much cleaner install than using concrete.

Base Materials For Your Paver Patio

Base Materials

Rain gutter systems keep the water out below the deck.  This is a great option if you have an elevated deck with a patio below or you want to keep an area below the deck for dry storage.  These systems cost more money in materials and labor.

Compacting The Base For Proper Installation Of Your Paver Patio

Base Compaction

Lighting makes your deck more enjoyable and safer for evening use.  Lighting requires additional planning for the electrical work needed to power and operate the lighting system.  There is a wide variety of lighting systems to choose from.

Utilities For Your Patios


If there is extensive excavation required we'll need to make sure we know the location of any underground utilities.  If your patio or outdoor living area requires gas, electrical or water hookups we'll also need to account for and arrange these with appropriate trades.

Adding Stairs Can Increase The Cost Of Your Backyard Patio


Stairs are often a necessity if we're building an elevated or sunken patio on a sloped property.  The addition of stairs poses design complications and additional labor to build them properly.  Adding stairs into your patio will increase the cost.

Adding An Outdoor Kitchen To Your Paver Patio


Adding an outdoor kitchen to your patio is a very popular upgrade but it's not something that should be an afterthought.  If you're patio plans include an outdoor kitchen we must plan for it from the beginning.  There are various outdoor kitchen packages we can recommend or we can piece the kitchen together with individual items.  It IS a pretty cool addition to your patio!

Add A Fire Pit To Your Patio

Fire Pits

Sitting around a fire pit is a great way to relax and enjoy your patio with your friends and family.  We can build and install wood burning fire pits or gas burning fire pits.  Adding a fire pit is something that must be done during the design phase as it can affect the materials used and we must lay out and install the patio.

Adding A Retaining Wall To Your Patio

Retaining Walls

If you're building your patio in a sloped backyard you may want to add retaining walls as a surround to help prevent erosion and hold back the slope.  Building a retaining wall will take additional excavation work, additional base materials, retaining wall blocks, and drainage considerations.

Old Patio Demolition and Removal

Demolition & Removal

Do you have an old patio that must be removed first?  It's very common for us to have to remove an old brick patio or an old concrete patio that is damaged and being replaced.  Demolition, removal, and disposal of your old patio will add to the cost of your project.

Adding A Walkway or Pathway To Your Patio

Pathways & Walkways

Do you want to connect your patio to other areas of your property?  Maybe you want a walkway from the patio to the front of your home, or to another location.  We can add pathways and walkways to your outdoor patio but they will increase the cost.

Paver Patio Labor


Labor is probably the biggest contributing factor to the cost of building your new patio.  We typically run a two to four man crew with our patio projects.  Excellent craftsmanship is one of our hallmarks and we only employ the best!

Hire A Patio Contractor That Is Insured


If you're hiring a contractor to build your patio it's important they are properly insured.  We are both properly licensed and insured so you know that your property and our employees are always going to be protected while we're on site.

Add A Seat Wall To Your Paver Patio

Seat Walls

There are many creative ways to incorporate built-in seating into your paver patio and one of those ways is with a seat wall.  These are low retaining walls with caps suitable for someone to sit on.  They can surround your fire pit or outdoor cooking area, a pool, and more.

Installing Patio Lighting


Lighting adds an entirely new dynamic to your outdoor patio for when you'd like to enjoy the patio on those warm summer evenings.  Lighting will add safety, security, and draw attention to specific elements.  Task lighting can be added for elements like an outdoor kitchen, a pathway, or a hot tub.

Hot Tub Installation For Your Patio

Hot Tub Pads

If you'd like to add a hot tub to your backyard patio it's good idea to take this into account during the planning phase.  We can organize electrical and water hookups to make things easy.  Hot tubs are also very heavy once filled with water.  We can use different base materials to ensure the weight doesn't cause damage to your patio.

Adding A Gzebo or Pergola To Your Patio

Gazebos Or Pergolas

A gazebo or a pergola can provide some level of protection from the elements.  It's a great way to get a little shade or protection from the rain.  They are very popular additions for a seating area, over a hot tub, or to protect an outdoor kitchen.  We have a variety of design options available for your specific needs.

Gardens Surrounding A Paver Patio

Garden Surrounds

Going from your patio straight to grass can be a boring transition.  To enhance the aesthetics of your patio we can surround your patio with low maintenance garden beds.  We can incorporate river rock, pebbles, gravel, mulch, and low maintenance native plantings to add more interest to your patio.

Check Out Some Patios We've Built!

We've built dozens of patios in New Albany.  We're definitely qualified to build yours too!

Choosing The Right Contractor To Install Paver Landscaping In New Albany OH

How do you know you're making a great choice?

Choosing The Right Patio Contractor

You Want A Beautiful Backyard Patio...?

There are literally hundreds of contractors you could choose from that provide services to New Albany to build a new paver patio.  They range from small one man handyman type businesses to very large companies with lots of overhead.

Somewhere in the middle is the contractor that's probably best suited for your particular project.  Finding a contractor you can trust to take your vision and transform it into a beautiful patio you can relax on with friends or family on a warm summer evening is your ultimate goal.

You're not hiring a patio builder.  You're hiring someone to improve your property and upgrade your lifestyle.  It's an important distinction.

What Should You Consider?

It can be overwhelming trying to figure out who to hire to build your new patio.  To make things easier when trying to determine who the right contractor for your project is, start with these questions.

Do they specialize in building patios?  If yes, how long have they been in business?

Do they have great reviews from other homeowners who've hired them to build a patio?

Do they offer any type of workmanship warranty or after sales service if there is ever a problem?

Do they have photos and references of the patios they are capable of doing?

How Do You Choose The Right Patio Contractor

The Natural Image Approach
  • Request Your Consultation

    The process starts by requesting a consultation.  We offer FREE and PAID consultations and we'll explain the difference between these options below.

  • FREE Estimates

    If you'd like a FREE estimate, we can provide a rough estimate over the phone based on the measurements of your patio, the materials you'd like, and any extra add-ons.  This is NOT a firm price but rather a rough estimate to give you an idea on cost to see if this would be within your budget.  For firm pricing you'll want an "on-site" consultation.

  • On-Site Consultation

    The cost for an on-site consultation is $250.  This includes travel to and from your location, we guarantee to show up on time, accurate measurements, materials consultation (we have samples), a firm pricing estimate including materials and labor, and we'll also provide you with a 3D design rendering of what your new patio will look like.  This fee will be applied to your project should you wish to move forward.

  • Materials Deposit & Scheduling

    If you decide to move forward with the project we will put you onto our schedule and then request a deposit for the ordering of materials for your new patio.  The deposit can vary depending on the size but it's typically 20%-50% of the project value.  We DO NOT order materials without a deposit from our client.

  • The Deck Permit Process

    We'll handle the permitting process from start to finish.  We will provide the county with a materials list, measurements, and property setback information for your project.  We do not build patios without proper permits in place if required.

  • Your Scheduled Start Date

    We'll show up on your scheduled start-date and get to work on building your new patio!  Material delivery will be organized and we'll begin the patio building process starting with removal of the old patio (if required), excavating the site, installing drainage, installing and compacting base materials, and lastly installing the pavers and any finishing details.

  • Upon Project Completion

    Upon completion of your new patio we'll go through the project with you and make sure you are 110% happy with what we've built for you.

  • Final Payment

    Upon acceptance of the project by you and completion and signing off of the required deck inspection we will then ask for the balance owing on the project.  Payment can be made by bank transfer, check, cash, or credit card.

  • Enjoy Your New Patio!

    With your new patio completed, it's time for you to sit back, relax, and enjoy a drink on your brand new patio.  We know you'll be thrilled with the work we do.  If there is any problems or you have questions, we are always happy to help our customers and we stand behind our work 100%.

Consultation & Quote Information

We only offer free estimates over the phone and they are going to be a ballpark estimate based on what you describe in the form below.  If you choose to have an "on-site" consultation it will include; travel to and from your location, we guarantee to show up on time, one hour of consultation, accurate site measurements, site assessment, materials walk-thru and selection, firm estimate on price, and we will also provide you with a 3D design rendering of what the patio will look like.  This process takes about 3 hours of our time including drive time, consultation time, and design time in our office.  If you're serious about building your new patio, we are too!

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